StreamToMe 2.0 is out (and Cocoa With Love is 2 years old).

Please note: this article is part of the older "Objective-C era" on Cocoa with Love. I don't keep these articles up-to-date; please be wary of broken code or potentially out-of-date information. Read "A new era for Cocoa with Love" for more.

Two different things turning two different kinds of "2". Snap.

Cocoa With Love is two years old today

I've been writing a feature article every week for two years now — haven't missed a single week yet (hope that doesn't jinx me).

To commemorate, I've put the complete list of downloadable code samples from my blog on the Projects With Love: Open Source Projects page.

StreamToMe 2.0 is out!

For those who don't know, StreamToMe is an iPhone application for streaming video and music from your Mac to your iPhone/iPod Touch. Plug your phone into your TV and you can use it to stream your Mac's music and video files to your TV. No prior conversion necessary — a huge range of codecs and formats (including AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4, FLV and more) will just play.

StreamToMe 2.0 adds:

  • Thumbnail previews for video files
  • Album artwork for music files (including while playing)
  • Artist and title metadata display
  • Subtitle rendering (including SRT and SSA files, MKV embedded SSA tracks and MOV text tracks)
  • Multiple audio tracks
  • Continuous and random play modes
  • Sort options including folder flattening (so you can view the full hierarchy of your iTunes collection as a single flat collection)
  • Preliminary support for EyeTV streams
  • Persistent playback — if you quit or are interrupted by a phone call during playback, you can continue from where you were.

And more!

StreamToMe is available to purchase from the iTunes App Store:

Download StreamToMe 2.0 from the AppStore now

Free upgrade for existing customers. Lucky them! Don't forget to update ServeToMe to enable some of the newer features.

Windows XP support for ServeToMe is coming soon (I'm hoping by the end of March).